Women's Group

We have available a range of activities for women of all ages particularly in the homemaking sciences and arts (painting).
Some of our activities are cooking nutritious meals with available ingredients, excursions to collect local bush tucker, group painting sessions & hairdressing.


Women's Group Clean Up

Yalata women are cleaning the yard to do gardening.

We are doing website traning with Scotdeso and cooking with Jess.

Doris and Sophia cleaning the yard
Lizz, Hilary and Kayleen doing website training
Bonnie showing Lizz the Yalata website
Hilary, Melvina and Fantasia cooking a quiche at the Women's Centre
Melvina, Fantasia and Hilary cooking a quiche at the Women's Centre

Marilyn with Didgeridoo
Artists at work and atrifacts
Painting by Doris (May) Bryant